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What People Look for in Lawyers

Choosing an attorney for representation during stressful, challenging, and often traumatic times is a huge decision. In such a competitive market, clients also know that they have many firms and lawyers to choose from. Potential clients take many factors into consideration when seeking counsel to help them and protect their rights. Here are a few examples of what people look for in lawyers:


First and foremost, clients are looking for a professional. When it comes to such serious issues and matters of the law, professionalism is not negotiable. This includes prompt, formal communication, and preparation, without exceptions.


Many people look for a firm that has proper communication and organization when it comes to paperwork, emails, appointments, and more. This also includes your website; a cluttered or unorganized site can leave potential clients with a bad first impression of your firm. Although it seems marginal, organization within the practice makes a big impact on potential clients.


Let’s face it, everyone wants an attorney that knows what he or she is doing. Having knowledge of your craft that you can communicate and utilize plays a big role in your success. One way of establishing your expertise before you’ve even met the potential client is investing in content marketing. It is an easy way to display your knowledge about the legal field and your key practice areas, and establish your firm as a thought leader.


During trying times, clients want a lawyer they can trust. Honesty is a major aspect of the client and attorney relationship that cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, studies (like this one from Princeton) show that while most people respect a lawyers capabilities, they don’t find them trustworthy. First impressions are very important, so it is important that a client feels that he or she can trust you from the very beginning. An effective way of establishing trust is providing lots of testimonials from previous clients, as reviews from real people will improve people’s perception of your honesty and trustworthiness.


Word of mouth continues to be one of the most powerful marketing tools. With reviews for almost anything being just a click away, recommendations and accolades from former clients serve to be extremely valuable when it comes to gaining the business of potential clients. For this reason, do your best to ask for reviews from your current and formal clients. Review sites like Google+, Yelp, and Facebook are great platforms for client reviews. Also, make sure to include client feedback on your website, or provide links to other pages that house client testimonials.

Believe it or not, included with all of important elements is an impressive and functional website. Since everything is managed online now, your website is just as important as your office. Many times when clients find themselves on an unresponsive, dated website with inconsistent content, they are less likely to take the next step and contact the practice.

Above all, the rapport attorneys build with potential clients and the passion that you convey for your craft are very influential aspects that can lead to a growing caseload and glowing reviews.