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Wheelchair Users More Likely than Other Pedestrians to Die in Crash

Wheelchair users are about 36% more likely than the general population to die in a motor-vehicle crash, according to a study recently published in online journal BMJ Open. A majority of these deaths occurred at intersections. Researchers also found than men in wheelchairs are five times more likely than women in wheelchairs to die in pedestrian accidents.

A high proportion of wheel chair crashes occurred in areas that lacked crosswalks or traffic controls, said lead study author Dr. John Kraemer of Georgetown. He noted that in areas with poorly designed pedestrian areas, wheelchair users are often forced to use the streets or otherwise expose themselves to greater risks. For the study, the researchers relied on police reports and news articles.

Police reports frequently found that drivers failed to give way to people in wheelchairs, and that wheelchair users are insufficiently visible about 15% of the time.

The researchers noted the study highlights the need for well-designed pedestrian infrastructure that incorporates disability accommodations.

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