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Where Attorneys Waste The Most Money in Their Marketing Budget

Running a law practice is costly, and these days many firms are looking for ways to reduce expenditures without sacrificing quality. If you currently run a small or medium-sized practice, or you’re just getting your legal business set up, you may be surprised to learn where you’re wasting the most money.

Want to know how to avoid unnecessary spending? Pay extra attention to the four areas below when running your firm as they can easily drain your funds:

Marketing to a Broad Audience

Establishing a strong brand requires knowing specifics about your target client. When embarking on any kind of marketing campaign, you should pinpoint characteristics about your ideal customer such as age, income, gender, hobbies, profession, etc.

If you spend a large chunk of your marketing budget on general targeting, there is a good chance you will waste your money. For example, many law firms place billboards or bus stop ads that include a phone number or website and hope that potential customers will contact them. Make sure these ads are on bus routes or locations that are not relevant to a target client, otherwise they will not result in any business.

General Keywords for Pay Per Click Campaigns

While pay per click campaigns can definitely get potential clients to the company website, law firms should avoid using broad keywords because you’ll only end up in competition with other practices. Instead, bid for keywords relating to specific injuries or specializations.

Not Tracking Marketing Efforts

Marketing efforts must be tracked on a regular basis – at least several times a week, if not daily! Technology is constantly changing, and attorneys must adjust their efforts and budgets to reflect these changes.

If you invest money in getting more people on your website, you should know the actual number of people visiting the site due to your campaign. Seeing these results on a regular basis will indicate whether you are spending marketing money wisely.

Pricey Office Space

Office space is one of the biggest expenses for many attorneys. Instead of splurging for a posh suite in a pricey downtown location or renting out a large space in anticipation of growth, consider alternative affordable locations, telecommuting, and the use of paid offices solely for client meetings.