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Seven Keys To Be a Walker Hero

Becoming a member of the Walker Advertising team also comes with the duty of becoming a Walker Hero. Walker Heroes exemplify the qualities our team members have displayed in the continued success of our organization since 1984. These seven steps remind us who we are at our best:

Leave Your Ego At The Door
Helping the community is a team effort.

Dare To Think Differently
Innovate. Constantly look for better ways to do things.

Be Proactive Vs. Reactive
Anticipate problems. Communicate. Implement solutions.

Learn From Our Mistakes
Take responsibility. Correct the problem and learn from it.

Always Raise The Bar
Take every opportunity to achieve your goals and our clients’ expectations.

Respect Everybody
Find ways to assist each other. Our success is driven by the efforts of the entire team.

Cultivate Trust and Integrity
Be someone that others can count on.