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There’s nothing better than good word of mouth. Here’s just a small sample of what community members are saying about our brands.

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“Apenas iba entrando a mi trabajo cuando me resbalé. Me dolía mucho la cintura. Cuando reporté el accidente a mis gerentes, estaban enojados. Pero no tuve miedo de hablarle a un abogado de Los Defensores. Ellos protegieron mi trabajo y me mandaron rapidito a un doctor.”

“I was just starting work when I slipped and hurt my waist. When I reported the incident to the managers, they acted like they were mad. Don’t be afraid to talk to an attorney of Los Defensores. They protected my job and sent me to a doctor.”

—Araceli T.
Corona, CA

“Estaba sacando computadoras de una caja cuando sentí un dolor – como una aguja – que se me clavó en la cintura. Se lo dije al supervisor pero no me dieron atención médica. Yo tengo que trabajar. De ahí viene la renta, los biles…todo..¿me entiende? Yo tengo a mi señora y a tres niñas y necesito trabajar. Por eso le hablé a Los Defensores. Me mandaron al doctor y me consiguieron pagos de incapacidad mientras me recuperaba.”

“I was taking computers out of a box when I felt like there was a needle stabbing me in the waist. I told the supervisor but they didn’t do anything for me. I had to keep working because otherwise I have no way to pay the rent, my bills, everything. I have a wife and three daughters, I need to be working. I spoke to Los Defensores. They sent me to the doctor and they got me disability payments while I was recovering.”

—Carlos A.


“El que provocó el choque ahora se quiere pasar de listo. Siento muchos dolores y fueron provocados por esa persona. Por experiencia yo recomiendo que después de un choque hablen a Los Defensores. Es una buena organización de abogados que los va a ayudar.”

“The person who caused my car accident wants to take advantage of me. I feel pain now that I didn’t feel before and it was caused by the accident. I recommend that after a car accident you speak to Los Defensores, a good network of attorneys that will help you.”

—Abraham C.
San Pedro, CA

“Él corrió la luza roja y me pegó…con todo y testigos. Primero aceptó su culpa y después lo negó. Es muy difícil para mí estar sin carro y cuando comenzó el dolor dije ‘esto no puede ser así’ y le hablé a Los Defensores. Yo no tengo muchos ahorros y mi familia depende de mí. Los Defensores sí que me ayudaron.”

“The guy who hit me ran a red light. There were witnesses. First the guy accepted responsibility and then he denied it. It’s very difficult for me to be without a car. When I started feeling the pain, I said things shouldn’t be this way, and I spoke to Los Defensores. I don’t have a lot of savings and my family depends on me. I know that Los Defensores is going to help me.”

—Gerardo H.



“I was injured in a car accident but it wasn’t my fault. I called Walker & Walker and I’m glad I did. The attorney gave us back our peace of mind.”

—Jason H.
Long Beach, CA

“Walker & Walker helped me get the medical attention I needed as well as compensation for my work injury.”

—Thomas M.

“It wasn’t my fault, but after our car accident the insurance company made us feel like it was our problem. Our attorneys changed the whole thing around.”

—Cory F.
El Segundo, CA