We enjoy successful relationships with more than 90 attorney members throughout California. Here are a few examples of what our attorney members have said about working with Walker Advertising and how we’ve helped their firms thrive.

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“Walker advertising has helped my business grow tremendously from the ground up. As a startup we were wary of spending any advertising dollars with a small budget but it proved to be a wise investment and changed the trajectory of our firm. ”

—Kevin D., Esq.
Personal Injury Attorney, Los Angeles

“Walker Advertising and its affiliates have helped me grow my practice immediately from the day I began advertising with them back in 2007. I would recommend Walker Advertising to those who want to grow their practice whether they have just started or have been in business for a while.”

—David K., Esq.
Personal Injury Attorney, Los Angeles

“Walker Advertising helped our firm get off the ground and establish our name in the very competitive personal injury legal industry. Thanks to Walker Advertising, we have retained a great number of personal injury clients and have tremendously helped them with their legal concerns. We look forward to working with Walker Advertising in the future to help our law firm continuously expand and flourish.”

—Yosi Y., Esq.
Personal Injury Attorney, Los Angeles

“Walker Advertising has helped my business grow substantially over the past few years. I have been more than pleased with the personal level of attention provided by my sales consultant. I look forward to further growth in 2012 and I would recommend the company to any attorney looking to grow their practice.”

—Bobby S., Esq.
Personal Injury Attorney, Los Angeles

“I have been a client of Walker Advertising since 1984 to my firm’s benefit. Throughout the 25 years of our business relationship, I have found that a business relationship with Walker Advertising is one that any attorney can be proud of – Walker Advertising’s long history of providing excellent customer service to the community and attorney clients alike and its impeccable business record leaves no doubt as to the company’s trustworthiness.”

—Jess A., Esq.
Workers Compensation Attorney, Orange County

“As a result of my law firm’s association and group advertising with Walker, we have been able to grow our personal injury practice substantially, both in number of cases, size of claims, and overall profitability. Our revenues from personal injury clients have increased dramatically.”

—Robert C., Esq.
Trial Attorney, Los Angeles

“I’ve had three contracts with Los Defensores for a couple of years now and consider those contracts to be an integral part of my practice.”

—Tigran M., Esq.
Personal Injury Attorney, Los Angeles

“Our firm has been involved with Walker for a couple of years and has been very pleased with the results. Walker provided comprehensive details regarding each call, even assisting my staff with appointment setting when it has proven difficult in getting the consumer in the office.”

—Danny A., Esq.
Trial Attorney, Los Angeles