With so many firms competing for the same work, you need the most up-to-date strategies and experience to help you generate law firm leads and grow your practice. To tap into the full potential of your firm, all resources must be utilized when it comes to advertising and marketing. One focused method of advertising will not generate the quality and quantity of leads you need to thrive in the industry. Here are a few ways to connect with more potential clients and expand your influence:

  1. Have a social media presence. Being connected where people spend most of their time these days is vital to lead generation. Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of various platforms and utilize what they offer the best you can.
  2. Consider a niche or specialty. Becoming an expert in a specific area is an excellent way to grow your practice and build your reputation in the competitive industry.
  3. Publish useful and industry-specific content for clients and prospective clients. Consider blogs, articles, and newsletters. Create content that can potentially circulate among various platforms, which will draw attention to your firm. This gives your practice a voice and identity that goes beyond the services you offer.
  4. Stay up to date on the latest research and strategies in marketing and media. Keeping up with the most innovative tactics will give you a head start among competing firms.
  5. Hire an experienced firm to manage the advertising and marketing so you can focus on your caseload and give your clients the help they need. Walker Advertising is a full-service advertising agency. We have the experience and resources needed to send quality law firm leads to you. We do everything, from creative development, buying media, consumer research, to operating a 24/7 bilingual call center. Under one roof, we have everything and everyone necessary to help our attorney members.

We know you didn’t become an attorney to spend your time marketing your firm. You became an attorney to protect the legal rights of individuals. But the fact is that client development and law firm marketing are essential part of reaching this goal. That’s where we come in. Our proven advertising programs deliver potential clients to you. This enables you to spend your efforts helping people, not looking for people to help.

In the last three and a half decades, we’ve helped more than three million injured victims find experienced and successful attorneys like you. Call or contact us today for more information on how to get started.