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As the industry becomes more saturated and law firms more competitive, law firm marketing in 2016 is quickly evolving. The legal industry is dramatically changing, and it is essential for the success of your firm that you invest in the best possible marketing practices. As far as marketing trends are concerned, there are many exciting and innovative strategies that will give your practice an even more competitive edge.

Based on the search practices and lifestyle changes of clients, marketing adapts to fit these developments in order to expand your reach, improve influence, and ultimately, generate more quality leads. To maximize your firm’s potential and stay ahead of the game, it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends and adapt practices to reflect the most innovative strategies in marketing.

Since our media department at Walker Advertising is consistently evaluating media strategies, we ensure that the message is delivering maximum results by reaching the right people as often as possible. Our team does more than plan and purchase media; they eat, sleep, and breathe media in English and Spanish.

Here are three trends that reflect law firm marketing in 2016:


Analyzing data in order to gain truly beneficial insights is taking the process of analytics to a new level in 2016. Not only are firms collecting data from various media outlets, many practices are leaning on professional data analysts to help them best understand the result of their numerous media campaigns and efforts. This trend will help firms generate more leads and make the most out of your investment. Firms that keep up with this trend will have a much better idea of how to reach and engage with their target audience. Adopt this trend and your firm will more accurately measure your Return on Investment than ever before.

Multichannel Marketing

Reaching the community through various outlets is an essential player when it comes to legal marketing strategy in 2016. Utilizing a number of platforms to expand influence is key to increasing your caseload and engaging with potential clients. By tackling different areas of focus, you increase your potential to connect with the community at various times and through multiple sources. Walker Advertising’s integrated campaigns reach community members where they live, work, and play through TV, radio, print, the Internet, outdoor, and live events.

Social Media

Many firms have already mastered the art of social media. Most practices have integrated social media into their marketing campaigns and have started reaching clients through various social media platforms. However, the trend for 2016 is all about conversion. This year, law firms are designing and implementing social media strategies that will not only deliver content, but will also result in engagement from their audiences. This means that through social media, firms will generate leads and have some type of active engagement and actual results through their presence on the influential platforms.