In such a competitive and saturated industry, law firms need the most innovative and effective marketing strategies and experience to help generate leads and grow their practice. Walker Advertising has the experience, resources and expertise needed to connect attorneys with potential clients in key practice areas, including labor and unemployment.

Employees are fighting back against employers who break the law by discriminating against them based on gender, pregnancy, disability, race, age, or who fail to pay wages for overtime. An alarming fraction of employers are not yielding to current hour and wage laws. Some of the major issues across many different industries include discrimination, unemployment, and sexual harassment. We are able to provide employees with a safe, confidential link to legal heroes like you.

At Walker Advertising, we know you didn’t become an attorney to spend your time marketing your firm. You became an attorney to protect the legal rights of individuals who are in need of representation. But the fact is, client development and law firm marketing is an essential part of reaching this goal. That’s where we come in.

Our proven advertising programs deliver potential clients to you. This enables you to spend your efforts helping people, not looking for people to help. In the last three and a half decades, we’ve helped more than three million injured victims find experienced and successful attorneys. We will help your firm thrive by generating quality labor and unemployment leads.

We will connect community members with attorneys like you so you can continue to be an advocate for employees who have been wrongfully treated in a professional space.

Our years of industry success and accolades from community and attorneys members set our firm apart. We will help your firm find labor and unemployment cases for long-term growth and success. With the support of Walker Advertising, your practice will thrive.