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With so many years of experience and industry expertise, our marketers generate leads to your firm through highly competitive TV commercials.

An annual budget of over twenty million dollars spent on TV, radio, print, and online media makes us the most powerful Spanish language legal brand in the country. Our integrated campaigns maximize your firm’s reach and access to community members where they live, work, and play.

Although firms can buy local television spots on a limited budget, Walker Advertising has the power and strategies needed to ensure that our television ads reach the right people at the right time.

Our media department does more than plan and purchase media; they eat, sleep, and breathe media in English and Spanish. They are consistently evaluating media strategies to ensure that the message is delivering maximum results by reaching the correct audience most often.

With thorough and constant researched and specialized methods, our media team produces TV commercials that get noticed, which means more quality leads for your firm.

Walker Advertising has nearly thirty five years’ experience in buying media and knows how to make sure ad dollars deliver both reach and frequency – the hallmarks of effective marketing. Our yearly twenty million-plus comprehensive advertising buy makes sure our attorney members reap the benefits of a large ad campaign at a fraction of the cost to them individually.

Lawyer TV commercials give your firm a major advantage. At Walker Advertising, we use media strategies to grant community members access to attorneys like you. Our widespread influence grants us the power to connect the Hispanic community with the representation they’re looking for. With our campaigns, you will maximize your investment, and your firm will be ahead of the game.