Our legal marketing process at Walker Advertising has been finely tuned to help us best serve attorneys like you. Our meticulous approaches and strategies enable us to help more members of the community and the practices of attorney members thrive.

Experience is one of the key factors that sets Walker Advertising apart. Expertise doesn’t come overnight.  We have been helping our attorney members successfully connect with millions of individuals in need of legal help for nearly thirty-five years.

Through the years, our team has grown and continues to grow and evolve for success. The last thing we do is rest on our laurels. Our legal marketing process is always adapting to exceed industry standards and do the best for the community and attorney members. To use a few legal terms, we continually examine, cross-examine, and refine our creative executions and media strategies to ensure they are delivering maximum results. The more effective we are, the  easier it is for people to access our attorney members, which results in more success for the firms we work with.   

The strategies at Walker Advertising reflect our appreciation for the power of efficiency. Like our hard-working attorney members, we negotiate hard for the benefit of our clients. We negotiate with media companies to make the investment of our attorney members go farther so they can gain access to and help more clients.

Finally, volume is another crucial element in our fine-tuned practices. We specialize in joint legal advertising, which means we combine the media buying power of all of our individual attorney members. Walker Advertising consistently buys more Hispanic legal advertising than any other company in the United States. Bottom line: our message is seen by more community members in need of legal help than if an attorney member advertised on his or her own, in the most value-based way possible.

To learn more about our process contact moreinfo@walkeradvertising.com.

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