The goal of every legal marketing campaign should be targeting your niche market, reaching your audience on various platforms, and granting potential clients easy access to your firm. It is essential to concentrate on the most efficient areas or channels when it comes to law firm marketing. Creating a website that is up-to-date, easy to navigate, and informative is a vital component and the first step in any marketing plan. Although many firms have made their website a priority, the strategy does not end there.

Since an increasing number of people are more inclined to use their mobile devices and tablets over desktop computers and laptops, all law firms should ensure that their sites are mobile-friendly and accessible through handheld devices. The importance of mobile friendly sites for lawyers should not be underestimated.

Here are three reasons why your law firm needs an updated, mobile-friendly website:

  1. Prospective clients are looking for representation on their smartphones.

While on-the-go, most community members research attorneys and seek counsel through mobile devices. They look for insight, information, and attorney reviews that are easily accessible and convenient. For this reason, responsive design is an absolute must when legal marketing is concerned. To generate quality leads and increase your case load, it is imperative to create a site that is designed for the ideal user experience through adjustments to multiple devices and screens. Creating a site that can offer quality content and seamless navigation on desktops, tablets, and smartphones should be on the top of your to-do list as an attorney. People are using their cellphones to make important decisions more frequently than ever. Adjust your plan and update your marketing strategy to accommodate these new norms and watch your practice thrive.

  1. Google is shifting based on the modern needs of users, and so should you.

Google has started focusing on the mobile features of search. The search engine has acknowledged that mobile web browsing is the becoming to go-to source for the average consumer. In fact, Google has a mobile-friendliness tool designed to help businesses create mobile-friendly sites, which can be used as a valuable resource. Whether you’re adjusting your current site or starting from scratch with an optimized site, make sure you keep up with Google and produce a site that is presentable and accessible on every device, regardless of the screen size. This will ensure that you continue to rank well on Google, which will lead more prospective clients to your firm.

  1. Mobile-friendly websites are no longer optional; they are the standard.

In the U.S, people spend 51% of their media time on mobile devices, and only 42% of time on desktop/laptops. Without a mobile-friendly website you are likely providing a poor user experience to over half of your potential clients. Given the importance of first impressions and the number of options out there for clients, having a desktop-only site is a mistake your firm can’t afford to make.