For 35 years, Walker Advertising has helped attorneys increase their client base and revenue with powerful advertising programs in Spanish and English.

Member attorneys report that our premium leads sourced from decades of LOS DEFENSORES® branding and direct-response marketing are more likely to convert to cases (our MVA lead retention historically has averaged between 40-60%).

Attorneys also love that our callers are easier to work with and more loyal on average!


Advertising with Walker couldn’t be easier—we do all the work, including:

  • In-house creation of award-winning commercials, market research, media buying, and data science. In 2019, our media buyers expect to negotiate over $25 Million in media buys across 200 digital and traditional media channels!

From Victim to Lead, Live on the phone and in your WalkerLink™ Portal

  • Potential plaintiffs see our brands everywhere they live, work, and play. They remember and trust LOS DEFENSORES® to take their call in their time of need.
  • Professional, in-house bilingual contact center agents screen callers 24/7 and live-connect only qualified leads to your firm.
  • Our WalkerLink™ portal enables your staff to securely pull up the caller’s information at the time of the call, so you can simply confirm the caller’s info then get right to work.




Call Qualifications by Practice Area

Our 24/7 bilingual call center only transfers premium, English and Spanish-language leads to your office that meet the following criteria:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Caller stated accident occurred within the last 2 years
  • Caller stated that the accident resulted in hospitalization, medical treatment, surgery, missed work, OR the accident occurred within the past 72 hours*
  • Caller stated that the accident was all or partially the fault of another party
  • Caller stated that they are not represented by an attorney for this matter
  • Caller stated they would like to speak to an attorney now

*Notice: Medical professionals report after an accident, defense mechanisms against traumatic situations (such as adrenaline and endorphins) kick in. This can cause pain to be masked and sometimes pain will manifest 2-3 days after the accident.

Workers’ Compensation

  • Caller stated they were injured at work or while performing job duties
  • Caller stated injury occurred within the past 2 years
  • Caller stated they are not currently represented for this issue
  • Caller stated they have not accepted a settlement for this matter

Premises Liability

  • Caller stated the incident occurred within the past 2 years
  • Caller stated that they are not represented by an attorney for this matter
  • Caller stated they have not accepted a settlement for this incident
  • Caller stated the injury resulted in hospitalization, medical treatment, surgery, or time off work
  • Caller stated the owner of the dog is known; if applicable

Labor & Employment

  • Caller stated they have an Employment or Labor issue
  • Caller stated they are not a Federal or State employee
  • Caller stated they have never retained an Attorney for this matter
  • Caller stated they have not accepted a settlement for this matter


We are #1.

Hispanic Network TV Legal Advertising category; Source: Kantar Media (2018), TV Schedule report (annual) [data]

Win big with Walker!

Our computerized lead rotations ensure that each attorney subscribed to an advertising cycle for their practice area has a fair chance at receiving the next big lead in their geographic and practice areas.

Hispanic/Latino Market: A powerful group of consumers

  • In most states, the Hispanic/Latino population is less than 20%. However, the top ten states have between 17% and 48.5% Hispanic/Latino population. Are you comfortable leaving those leads and potential referrals on the table?
  • The US has more Spanish-speakers than Spain at over 50 million, or about 1 in 6! But only about 1 in 20 US attorneys speaks Spanish. There is strong demand for firms who can step up with bilingual staff to work with our consumers.



Return Policy

We pride ourselves in our integrity as your advertising partner. However, all calls are screened by humans, and mistakes are possible. If you feel we accidentally sent you a call that doesn’t seem to meet the criteria for your panel, you can submit a call for review.

Walker AdvertisingWILLoffer a replacement lead if: 

  • The information documented by our contact center agent is found to differ from what the caller stated, resulting in misclassification.

Walker AdvertisingWILL NOTreplace a lead if: 

  • The lead meets the qualifications for the panel.
  • The consumer provides Walker Advertising false or misleading information, or the firm finds the facts to be different than what was stated to Walker Advertising by the consumer.
  • The consumer changes their mind or does not retain the attorney.
  • The firm left messages and the consumer did not return phone calls.
  • The consumer is just seeking information or not interested in retaining an attorney.
  • The consumer is calling in on behalf of a relative or friend and the potential client has no interest in accepting legal assistance.
  • The dispute is submitted outside of the replacement period (5 business days).


Walker Advertising employs lawyers with decades of experience to assist us in crafting responsible advertising. We have significant experience across some of the largest jurisdictions in the U.S. Every lawyer is responsible for assuring that their marketing activities are in compliance with the frequently changing rules and regulations in their own states and jurisdictions. While we cannot provide legal advice, you may find the following resources generally helpful:

  • Professional Code of Conduct in your state
  • Ethics Opinions in your state
  • American Bar Association Model Rules 7.1-7.5
  • We are a Florida Bar Qualifying Provider. Documentation of compliance can be provided upon request.