Here are just a few questions attorneys often ask before they decide to work with us. We’re sure you have some that aren’t listed below. For questions, contact moreinfo@walkeradvertising.com. We look forward to answering them.

Are leads exclusive?

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Yes, we route each lead one time to one firm.

What type of leads do you offer?

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We specialize in personal injury and workers’ compensation lead generation. Our accident-related leads include both serious and catastrophic injuries.

However, through our marketing efforts, we generate calls from consumers looking for divorce, criminal, and immigration help. We’re always looking for new partnership opportunities and would love to speak with firms who are looking to help more clients.

Are leads filtered for quality?

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Our professionally trained bilingual call center handles all leads. Each law type has unique qualifiers that must be met to be transferred as a lead.

How does a lead get delivered?

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After qualifying the potential new client, our call center agent will live-transfer the caller directly to your intake team. You can choose up to three contact numbers for real-time lead delivery.

Do you offer reporting?

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WalkerLink is our client portal and doubles as a real-time lead dashboard. In addition to WalkerLink, your dedicated sales representative will perform an 84-day ROI and account performance review.

Do I need Spanish-speaking staff?

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For our Spanish panels, attorneys are required to have Spanish intake capabilities. Within CA, we offer both Spanish and English panels.

What geographies are covered, and can I choose my geography?

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We generate leads across the country. Leads within California are sold on a subscription-based model, while leads outside of California are available on a pay-per-lead basis.

What is your return policy?

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If you receive a lead that does not meet our qualifications:

  • Please forward the lead info to our client services team
  • Include a quick description of the qualifier(s) the lead did not match
  • Address this within 5 days of receiving the lead
  • Our Quality Assurance (QA) team will review the call to determine whether there was a mistake in our qualification process

We will replace leads if the information provided to our call center agent was misclassified. Our QA team cannot use facts established by your intake team after the call has been transferred.

Why should I use your service as opposed to or in addition to advertising for myself?

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Our brands give our advertising a significant advantage in the marketplace. We have invested millions over the last 35 years, establishing trust with our consumers. We produce the highest quality leads at the most efficient cost.