Employee Spotlight

Corey Parker Business Development Executive

What is your role and background with Walker Advertising?

I was hired nine months ago as a  Business Development Executive-California. I work closely with our Chief Financial Officer, Our Vice President of Sales as well as the Manger of Client Services.

My boss is super flexible and understanding with the time I needed to get up to speed while also providing all the tools and resources to really grow naturally and understand the ropes. I was provided 1:1 real time training to learn the Walker way.

How do you feel the commitment to professional development is going?

I have become a much better salesperson since being with Walker Advertising. I had always had the desire and base knowledge but while at Walker Advertising I was able to master some key aspects of my job to really close the deals. I’ve gotten wonderful guidance from Mary Lou, Adam, Dan and Laura. I have had my confidence boosted to be allowed to really figure out a system on what works or doesn’t work for me. And I have been able to really be effective with my day-to-day tasks. I have been able to become more strategic while at Walker. I am always getting feedback on how to grow and really be authentic with myself in the process. I get to tell a story every day and really have gained the needed tools during my development to tell a beautiful one. I have been able to really dial in my skills through feedback and a real commitment to my development. It’s been a natural process.

Has the work-from-anywhere policy affected your ability to foster work-life balance?

I think it has only helped. I feel very fortunate because I have two children ages 4 years old and 5 months old. Walker Advertising has been extremely supportive and really wants me to spend the needed time with my family. I was reassured that it wouldn’t impact my progress with the company at all. Having 2 kids at home and having the access to be home if my family needs something and being able to take a quick break from work and be here with my family is priceless.

“I can pick up my son from school every day versus my kids having to wait for me to drive home every day after work. The old way of living wasn’t efficient. I can really be home and be there for my kids and experience it all. It has been amazing. ”

We have channels to connect and talk as a team and honestly if I need something or have stuff to do I have access to it to quickly with being remote. I’m able to respond and support my team. Being face to face is amazing but, we are just as effective if not more being remote.

Any first day advice for our new hires in your department?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to learn as much as you can because you don’t want to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to. We have amazing systems in place, and it shows. We have so much knowledge within the company. If you try and do it on your own, it will take longer for you to be up to speed, and we have a team that really wants you to grow. It’s a win-win when you are asking questions and everyone will get you the answers and support you need to succeed.

Yvonne Rodriguez Senior Financial Analyst
Accounting & Finance
Question: What kind of personality traits thrive the most in your department? Answer: Someone who takes initiative and brings their own ideas to the table. Just being an individual and not being afraid to show case their ideas and present it to the team. Those ideas and analysis really help push us to do better and be better and collaborating/organization is key within my department. It really will better prepare you within the company. Especially with all the moving parts that we handle. Learn More About Yvonne
Ranked top 10% for diversity
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