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Karla Chimoy Contact Center Operator

What is your role and background with Walker Advertising?

I’ve been with Walker Advertising over 4 years ago and was hired on as a Call Center Operator Tier 1 and moved up the ranks to be one of our highest ranked Call Center Operators at the Tier 4 level. From the first time that I saw the job and description it was clear that I wanted to be apart of such an amazing team. This job and company is one of the few companies that make you feel like your apart of a team and doing something important with your work.

“This job and company is one of the few companies that make you feel like your apart of a team and doing something important with your work.  ”

During my first year with Walker Advertising, tragedy struck when a close family member fell ill. During that time Walker stepped up and went above and beyond to help provide support and the needed time off for the family emergency. I really felt appreciated by the company and cared for because of the effort they made to make sure that I was able to spend the time with her family. It was amazing to have the much-needed support from my place of employment because without it, I may not have been able to say goodbye to my family member.

“At the end of the day, I don’t feel like a number since being employed with Walker Advertising. I feel like I’m apart of the family and a part of a team. I will forever Cherish my time with Walker and for all that they do for us as employees.”

 What do you like most about working at Walker Advertising?</strong></p>

My favorite part about working at Walker is the overall flexibility. If I need time off, she can swap shifts with someone in my department instead of using Paid Time Off or I can use part of her 3-week PTO.  I try to swap shifts as much as possible just because it helps me out and sometimes it helps the other person out too. What I like the best is that no matter the situation,  Walker really tries to do the most to put you in the best environment for you and your needs.

How are accomplishments recognized withing Walker?

I love the recognitions for Employee of the Month, the gift program for recognition, and the incentives. In my department, we also get recognition for making the most call attempts and get rewarded for that. I appreciate the pat on the back and recognition when peers are thriving and not just myself. Even when its least expected Walker thrives in making sure that everyone is recognized.

Sometimes its not even about the rewards. I just feel motivated to work hard and do better because it helps me grow as a person as well as my better support her team. I really love the quarterly meetings that Walker Advertising puts on and really loved the most recent Ice Cream Social that was put on companywide.

“Overall, it’s the little details you don’t expect that make working for Walker Advertising rewarding.”

How do you feel the commitment to professional development is going?

I feel that over all I get an amazing amount of development. When I was first hired, I was learning to speak English while also learning to navigate the call center work. I got feedback weekly to help me develop and move up the ranks to become a Tier 4 Call Center Operator. The feedback has had helped me to fine tune my skills within Walker Advertising. I have been very impressed time and time again how professional and kindhearted the feedback always is when it comes to coaching and career development.

Now that I’ve climbed the ranks within Walker, I see that those first months were key for me to overcome hardship within the new job, and without the strong support system that Walker, I would have never made it through. The encouragement and feedback were key and allowed me to grow and fine tune my skills.

All the Team Leads that I’ve worked under have allowed me to have a real and raw conversation about calls and what is going on within the call center which allows me to better help my own team. I can openly ask questions and learn new things without judgement. Even with being a 4-year tenured Call Center Operator, I can still learns new things and love that I’m is never met with anything but kindness while learning all there is to know.  

“Before being remote it was sort of like starting your second shift after work and we don’t have that now. My boss is so flexible and understanding and knows that everyone has needs outside of work. I know that if something comes up that I have the flexibility.” -Yvonne Rodriguez Learn More About Yvonne
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