What is Legal Marketing?

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Legal marketing is a broad term that refers to advertising and other practices, such as client relations, public relations, networking, participation in professional organizations, etc. The legal marketing definition generally includes business development activities and efforts to win more clients, thus increasing revenue.

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How to Market Your Legal Practice

There are many legal marketing tactics you can use to win over new business, but be wary of doing too much, too quickly. Focus on several that play to your strengths in order to achieve the best results.

  1. Connect with 3-5 potential referral sources per week regardless of how busy you are. This may include emails, phone calls, in-person coffee chats, or lunch meetings. Making this a regular practice works better than only reaching out when business is slow.
  2. Being active on social media is a must! Research peak times for posting to get the highest click rate. For example, 1-3pm EST is usually the best timeframe to post tweets.
  3. Attend bar association events. Lawyers can only refer cases to attorneys they know so making connections with a variety of peers is important.
  4. Create a blog for your website and add new content on a regular basis. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of crafting long posts. All you need is one or two paragraphs on specific topics that are relevant and interesting. As you start feeling more comfortable with publishing content, you can expand your posts as desired.
  5. If your practice focuses on a specific area of law, position yourself as the go-to legal expert for local reporters. Showcase your ability to answer their questions in a manner that is helpful to the community.
  6. Give away free resources in your community to connect with individuals and professionals you may not be able to meet otherwise. Examples include volunteering at a local college, providing free legal advice at a non-profit organization, etc.
  7. Hire a professional to supplement your efforts. It can be worth your time and money to hire a marketing professional who can deliver on specific goals, whether that means a certain number of new clients per month, or a 50% increase in phone calls. Once your initial efforts increase your business activity, keep your legal marketing efforts consistent to expand your customer base even further.

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