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An increasing number of people rely on the Internet to shop, research, communicate, socialize, and even, look for representation. The success of most businesses, including law firms, greatly relies on an online presence. Email marketing for lawyers can be a lucrative type of content marketing that can help generate quality leads. However, not all forms of email marketing are created equal. Here are a few common mistakes made by law firms along with email marketing tips for lawyers that can be useful to keep in mind when planning your campaign. For more tips, check out our guide for law firm marketing ideas.

Typos and Spelling Errors

As a professional, the quality of your writing is extremely important. The difference between an ineffective and effective email campaign can be in the spelling, grammar, and mechanics of an email. Take extra precautions to read, re-read, edit, and revise your emails, no matter how short and brief. It’s always a great idea to ask colleagues to take a look at an email before you press send. A fresh set of eyes can always catch mistakes that may be missed during the first read. The importance of a well-written email without spelling and grammar mistakes cannot be stressed enough. If spelling and grammar isn’t your strong suit, consider a tool like Grammarly (it’s free) to help out.

Lack of Personalization

Although everyone knows that email marketing is far from a personalized correspondence, it still pays to try to make it as personal as possible. The easiest way to do this is to include a sincere and thorough signature. Many businesses fail to include a signature block, which can make the email feel dry and detached.

Lengthy Emails

Most people are checking their email while they’re on-the-go and between errands. As they tackle their to-do list, chances are, they won’t have the time to take a break to read an extra-long email. In order to keep your emails in the inbox and away from the “junk mail” keep your emails short and to the point.

Overcomplicated Attachments

There’s nothing worse than an email that won’t load. Many attorneys try to go the extra mile by including graphics, links, and attachments to their email campaigns. However, these bells and whistles can actually harm, instead of help, your objective. Since people use various devices, including smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets to view emails, complicated emails can often glitch on various screens. Keep your emails straightforward and unadorned. This is a sure fire way to make sure your emails will always load as quickly as possible.

Lack of Planning

Marketing strategy, no matter what content you are considering, requires just that: strategy. If your firm sets out to send a marketing email one month, but fails to send out consecutive emails in the months that follow, your efforts will not yield very lucrative results. Content marketing requires careful, intentional planning. Each email campaign should have a goal and a plan. Also, organizing a calendar should help you map out the consistency of your emails. Decide topics and content with your team before sending out the first email. A calendar and an organized map of your goals will go a long way.

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