How Effective is Billboard Advertising for Lawyers?

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Many times, some of the most effective marketing strategies involve classic approaches that have been used by attorneys and other business for years. One of these popular tools is lawyer billboard advertising. Many people see these ads on a daily basis. While on their drive to work, amidst the hustle and bustle of the weekday, they drive passed the same billboards. Although one doesn’t think much of it when zooming by with the errands of the day in mind, billboard advertising delivers a marketing message that is received loud and clear. This space in the sky continues to be a highly effective approach that is far from obsolete.

Take a look at the following four ways to create effective billboards:

Keep it short and sweet.

With cars zooming passed billboards so quickly, there just isn’t enough time for all of the details. It is essential to keep billboards short and sweet. Try to stick to the point and get your message across in a few short words. When it comes to billboard advertising, less is definitely more. A good rule of thumb is to keep your ad at six words or under.

Legibility is key.

Typography can offer countless options for advertisers. The many interesting and unique fonts available can make selecting a typeface challenging. When designing a billboard, creativity isn’t necessarily the best option in terms of font. At such a great distance, the most important element is choosing a font that drivers can read. No matter how beautiful your billboard design, there is no value without legibility.

Include a vanity phone number.

Although many think that it can be slightly tacky to include an easy-to-remember vanity phone number on a billboard, there is a reason almost every single ad includes one. Practically speaking, drivers cannot possibly remember or record long numerical phone numbers. Vanity numbers make it easy to receive contact information at one glance. With a catchy number, you will be increasing your firm’s chances of inquiries.

Be unique.

Make sure your firm stands out with an original billboard design. Keep in mind that this ad is a representation of your brand, and you’ll only have a few short seconds to grab the attention of busy passersby. Take the time to create something that will create a lasting first impression. Carefully select the colors, design, and wording that will give drivers a sneak peek into your practice.

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