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Social media for lawyers is a powerful tool for firms looking to generate quality leads and expand their caseload. Creating a web presence and connecting with prospective clients through various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn is the modern version of business cards and an expansive Rolodex. Online marketing cannot be discussed without the mention of social media.

Communicating with Social Media

The way we communicate has changed drastically. Community members look to social media to connect with various professionals and brands. These resources give attorneys and other professionals an opportunity to provide prospective clients with insight into the services and principles of their businesses. Social media is also an exceptional networking and research resource that allows attorneys to get to know their niche market. This will ultimately help with the creation of a tailored marketing plan.

Connecting with clients where they spend most of their time these days is vital to lead generation. Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of various social media platforms and watch your firm thrive. The Internet is where modern-day conversations exist. People seem to socialize, research, purchase, and plan via social media and other online resources. Establish your firm’s presence in the center of this fast-moving and quickly growing world of social media.

Why Should Lawyers Bother with Social Media?

Social media is the single most effective way to get community members acquainted with the legal services you offer. It is also a great space to introduce the experts that are a part of your firm. A presence on various platforms will open communication with potential clients and allow them to get to know the values, voice, and expertise of your practice on a much more individual and accessible level. Access and relevance, which are the cornerstones of social media interaction, are essential to any legal marketing strategy.

The one thing we know for sure when it comes to social media is that it is not going anywhere. So, you might as well jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible.

Each social media site has its own purpose. The intentions and rules for each platform vary from one to the next. What one attorney uses Facebook for will be different form their marketing goals on Twitter, for example. Here are a few ways to use social media to your advantage:

Facebook for Lawyers

  • Make sure your Facebook page has accurate contact information. Provide as much information as possible. This will include a web address, email address, physical address, service areas, and phone numbers.
  • Include a link to your Facebook profile in your email signature to lead more clients to your page.
  • Create fresh content that includes photos and videos. Various forms of media are more likely to circulate on Facebook. Post photos from professional development events and introduce attorney members through photos and videos on your page.
  • Take a look at your settings and double check that there are no privacy features that are active. You want to make your page as accessible as possible.
  • Consider paid advertisements on Facebook. This option will allow you to choose a budget and target audience for your ad.
  • Invite your followers to various events to increase engagement and get a better turnout for firm mixers and other professional events.
  • Share industry news and relevant resources with your Facebook followers. A great way to get potential clients to engage with your site is through posting infographics, blog posts, articles, and other legal news.

Twitter for Lawyers

  • Use Twitter as a source of news and current events
  • Follow major industry influencers, competitors, and experts
  • Stay relevant by following other law firms and attorneys
  • Keep it consistent. Regular tweets and consistency are essential for any social media platform, especially Twitter.
  • Use popular hashtags and involve yourself in the hottest conversations. Hashtags are a great way to get exposure on Twitter. Comment on a recent topic that is receiving buzz or hashtag common keywords to increase your searchability.
  • See what people are saying about your firm. Take to Twitter to search your business name and the names of your attorneys to get an in on the conversation. Interact with these conversations by re-tweeting or replying to comments made about your firm, both positive and negative.
  • Display your passion for the industry. Clients like to see that you love what you do. You can get this message across by showing your interest in the legal field through posts about recent events, networking opportunities, and articles.
  • Don’t underestimate the platform. Twitter has become one of the main resources for attorney referrals.
  • Set and rules and guidelines for the attorneys in your firm. Make sure there is a tasteful nature to all posts that represent or reflect on your practice. You want to be careful and stay away from over-selling or coming off inappropriate or aggressive in any way.
  • Set clear goals for your approach. How often do you plan to post? What is your objective for the platform? Deciding on these goals will give you a more direct and precise social media marketing plan.

LinkedIn for Lawyers

  • Include a high-quality professional photo that best represents you.
  • Hook viewers with a tagline that is brief, catch, and informative.
  • Spend time on writing a bio or summary. It is essential to have this piece of writing edited by other individuals. Colleagues and other professionals in the industry will be able to give insight on your writing.
  • Watch out for typos and spelling and grammar errors. Careless mistakes will give a bad first impression of your firm.
  • Make sure your background information, education, and work experience are all updated and recent.
  • Import professional contacts from your email to expand your network.
  • Become a member of various groups and Bar Associations to create more networking opportunities.
  • Download the app so you can connect to your account while you’re on-the-go.

No matter which social media platform is your focus, the key to social media success in today’s digital age is keeping up with the latest. Stay on top of the hottest trends and aim to keep your profiles as consistent as possible.

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