5 Marketing Tips for Small Law Firms

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When first starting a small law firm, there are an overwhelming amount of tasks at hand. Above all of the items on a new firm’s to-do list is client acquisition. All firms are looking for a way to generate leads and start building a caseload. As a small firm, outsourcing and handing this important job to a professional marketing team can be costly. Although every practice needs to come up with a business and marketing plan that fits their specific goals, community, and key practice area, there are many things small firms can do to market. Here are 5 marketing tips for small law firms that will help your practice take off. For more tips, check out our guide for creating a law firm marketing plan.

Create a brand that stands out.

One of the first steps in creating and establishing your brand is an eye-catching and unique logo. Now, this isn’t a job you can do yourself, unless of course you have an extensive background in graphic design. Seek the help of a professional to create a logo that stands out among your competition. Instead of going with a traditional logo like many of the law firms around you, opt for something more modern and fresh to get the attention of prospective clients.

Take to social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are extremely valuable for small firms. With no investment at all, you can use these sources to spread the word and give people access to your firm. Using your personal social media pages to advertise your business page and let your friends and family know about your venture can be a very powerful and cost-effective strategy. Social media also creates the opportunity for you to connect with other industry professionals and network in a way that will greatly benefit your practice in the long run.

Increase searchability with your blog and website.

The goal of many firms, big or small, is to rank well on Google. When prospective clients are searching for a law firm, you want your practice to be one of the first options. Although this takes time and effort, a good place to start is with a blog or website. By optimizing online content and writing articles relating to your practice area, you are presenting yourself as a knowledgeable resource while improving your ranking and searchability. Platforms like WordPress make it extremely easy to properly optimize your website.

Consider speaking engagements.

Establishing free seminars and speaking engagements to share your expertise and network is an extremely easy and cost-effective way to market your firm and get your name out there. Connect with various groups that will host the speaking engagement, and set up events around topics that connect with your key practice area.

Connect with local businesses.

Networking is essential to the growth of your small business. At no cost, beyond your time, you can gain exposure with community members by getting involved within the community and participating in networking events. Although you have limited time when starting a new firm, the time spent networking will yield great results.

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