The Growing and Underserved Hispanic Market: The Key to Growing Your Client Base

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Accounting for 18 percent of the total U.S. population, Hispanics are the largest minority in America and growing. U.S. Census projections put the Hispanic population at 111 million by 2060 and estimate 132.8 million Americans will be speaking Spanish by 2050.

Despite this fact, the Hispanic community is underserved and vulnerable, especially when it comes to legal services.

How is that such a large segment of the population lacks the legal resources they need?

Language and cultural barriers are significant factors. The unassimilated Hispanic population, largely recent immigrants and Spanish-speaking, are less likely to understand the legal system, their options, or most importantly their rights. This is compounded by the fact that most law firms are marketing their services in English, and therefore not reaching this segment of the population.

How do we combat this?


Walker Advertising: A Champion in the Hispanic Community

Walker Advertising pioneered legal advertising to the Spanish-speaking community. As an interpreter in the Los Angeles courts in the 1980s, our founder, Mary Ann Walker, saw firsthand how language barriers prevented Spanish-speaking Hispanics from receiving the justice they deserved.

She spoke to Spanish-speaking attorneys, she met while working in the courts, about her concerns and proposed to publicize their services in the Hispanic community. Five attorneys agreed, and Los Defensores was born.

Los Defensores is the #1 legal brand in the Hispanic community and has operated a 24/7 bilingual legal call center for Hispanics for more than 35 years.

Since 1984 our network of attorneys has grown to more than 100, some Spanish-speaking and others who have Spanish-speaking staff.

Our communication strategy, which includes network and local TV, community events and sponsorships, and digital formats, has generated a reputation of trust and authenticity. Our media, marketing, research, and creative teams are all in-house and ensure we’re reaching injured Hispanics across all touchpoints, effectively and efficiently while maximizing our attorney partner’s investments.

We have connected millions of live-transferred calls to law firms since 1984. In fact, no one connects more Hispanic injury victims to law firms than Walker Advertising.


Partner with the Nation’s Leader in Connecting Hispanic Injury Victims to Attorneys

Spanish-language legal advertising is Walker Advertising’s bread and butter. We have built the Los Defensores brand for over 35 years, leveraging research and consumer focus group to understand our consumers and develop award-winning and empathetic creative that resonates with our Hispanic community.

There’s been a recent rise in both legal lead generation companies and solo firms starting to market their services to the Spanish-speaking community. We often see that what this really means is simply having a translated Spanish version of their English site available. We’ve seen that many firms rely on Google to achieve this and messages get lost in translation. Unfortunately, these translation mistakes can be a turn off for Spanish-speaking Hispanics looking for legal help.

Effectively communicating with this segment of the market can be challenging. This is where Los Defensores comes in.

Rather than paying a third party to create Spanish content for your site or run Spanish ads on your behalf, partnering with Walker Advertising allows you to rely on our in-house experts to generate calls which means a steady flow of leads for your firm.

A partnership with Walker Advertising includes a 24/7 built-in Spanish-speaking answering service. Our agents live-transfer the calls to our partner law firms who can focus on converting these calls into clients rather than managing Spanish-language marketing efforts.

With more than 35 years of expertise, we have remained the nation’s leader in connecting Hispanic injury victims to attorneys looking to grow their practice.

Kevin Danesh of BD&J, a plaintiff’s personal injury firm, shares that the Hispanic community has one very key characteristic that “you don’t necessarily find in other communities. They’re very loyal.” He goes on to explain that these clients have come back time and again and shared their experience with friends and family who then become clients, lending to further growth for the firm.

Contact us today to learn how you can start connecting with more Spanish-speaking clients.


To learn more about what offering your services to the Hispanic market means, check out our National Trial Lawyer Magazine Article,  A Case for Courting Latino Clients.

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