The Best Lawyer Ads of 2017 So Far

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Lawyer ads can help you achieve the goals you have for the firm – increased brand awareness, more leads, or a specific amount of revenue each quarter. If your firm is small or mid-sized, TV commercials can help reach target clients in local markets. Producing a TV ad isn’t easy, however. There are many factors to consider, including a powerful script that will resonate with prospects.

Creativity is key, which is why many firms hire outside experts to write, produce, shoot, and edit TV ads. In a 30 second or one-minute timeslot, your commercial must capture the audience and help you remain memorable enough to win clients.

Here are some tips to remember when working through the creative process of a TV ad:

Keep it simple

Do not overwhelm the message of how you can help people with legal troubles by including complicated phrases. TV ads must be easy for the masses to comprehend. Get to the point quickly by overtly expressing certain legal issues, and explaining how your law firm can help people solve their problems. Instead of legal jargon, think of the experience as a conversation with a close friend.

Be confident and genuine

Even if you are a startup business and really stretching your budget by shooting and broadcasting a local TV ad, you must show the audience confidence in yourself, and in them. It is great to include elements of your own personality if it makes sense for the script. If your audience senses that you are not completely self-assured, they will not believe that you can win their case.

Include testimonials

Highlight clients that you have worked with in the past. Consider having one or two of your clients describe their old problem, and how you were able to solve it and make their life better. Each account doesn’t have to be detailed because the more people you can include with different problems under the same practice area, the more your audience will identify with your firm.

Local TV Advertising: The Best Lawyer Ads of 2017 So Far

The overwhelming number of companies competing for audience attention means that popular ads are not always what has been considered standard. Sometimes brands, even law firms, need to step outside of the box and create an ad that will resonate will their audience. After all, given the investment you are making, you need to stand out and get people talking about your firm.

One recent example of a buzz-worthy local ad is that of Juan LaFonta from New Orleans. While low-budget local commercials tend to be boring and forgettable, the personal injury lawyer hired a local celebrity to include music and a repetitive jingle. He also made the background a boxing ring in order to emphasize the injury aspect of his practice. While some might find his commercial completely out of the box, it has been re-posted and talked about on many social media platforms.

Ohio law firm, Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. created a local TV commercial regarding the alleged dilution of intravenous antibiotics for high-risk patients by a local pharmacist. The ad ran on all local TV stations and the firm reported a substantial response to its outreach. The firm also supplemented their broadcast efforts by reposting the spot on their social media pages. The firm’s marketing director said more than 100 people contacted them after viewing their commercial.

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