What Type of Content Should You Invest In as a Law Firm?

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Creating high-quality legal content is essential to bringing in new business to your law firm.  In fact, it’s the most effective way for your firm to be “discovered” by prospective clients online.

By providing frequent and useful content, you’ll be able to engage your target audience, promote your law firm brand, and build trust with prospective clients.

Digital marketing content can also help you highlight your firm’s services — and strengths.

What sets you apart from the competition? Use content as an opportunity to demonstrate and reaffirm a client-centered approach.

Let’s take a closer look.

Content Marketing Options for Law Firms

Beyond static law firm web pages, there are many other avenues for creating content to market your services to prospective clients. Each of these options comes with its own advantages, so you’ll have to consider whether it makes sense for your time, resources, and skillset.


Blogs can be an excellent resource for prospective clients to learn about specific legal issues that relate to their cases. They are also a core part of any content strategy meant to boost your search engine results, authority, and web presence.

Blogs — as they draw a crowd that already has “search intent” for an issue — are more likely to lead to client acquisition.  In effect, a well-written, useful blog may entice a prospective client to look more closely at your firm as a service option.

Write blogs about topics that you know your audience will be interested in. You can do so by utilizing popular SEO tools for evaluating search queries for different keywords. These tools also enable you to drill down and identify search volumes in certain locales, making it possible to more specifically target an audience that can be served by your firm.

Legal Podcasts

The podcast format is an excellent creative tool for displaying your legal expertise. It enables you to tackle a complex subject at length while showcasing your personality and attitude, making it more palatable to the listener.

A legal podcast can really highlight the services you offer depending on the narratives you decide to focus on. You can “bring to life” actual cases or share an opinion on legal issues that may affect your clients.

Legal podcasts can help humanize your firm. Effective podcasting shows that your firm cares about what’s happening in the world and are part of a broader social dialogue.


Webinars are an opportunity to not only educate the public on important legal issues that are of significant relevance to their lives but also to showcase the skill and talent of the attorneys at your law firm. Prospective clients who sign-up for a webinar are much more likely to have an intent to secure legal representation thereafter.

Webinars are particularly powerful because they allow prospective clients to see your firm’s lawyers “in action,” so to speak – addressing topics in real-time and in a more intimate setting. Clients tend to feel supported and understood when they see that a law firm is taking the time to educate them on a legal topic.


Ebooks are more education-focused, like webinars, and can take a significant amount of resources to create.  Despite that additional “burden,” ebooks can be an excellent content marketing tool for converting prospective clients who are looking to deep dive into a topic that requires more detail and research.

When writing an ebook, always be aware of the readers’ desire to “relate.”  Include real-world client stories (anonymized) so that readers can identify with their experiences. Also, be sure to include contact information throughout the ebook so that readers can more easily convert to clients.

Video Content

Video content is the “next frontier” of legal content marketing.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search platform and boasts billions of daily users.  Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram also generate enormous view counts for videos — and increasingly, solo and small firms are taking advantage of this funnel for marketing their services. It’s a powerful medium for storytelling and testimonials and offers a “humanizing” opportunity for your firm.

Bear in mind that video content does not have to be burdensome from a time and cost perspective. You may be able to reduce the time spent on video content by re-purposing existing informational content for this format.

Contact Walker Advertising for Further Guidance

Effective legal content marketing demands a multi-pronged approach. After all, prospective clients have different content preferences and habits.

Aside from providing content variety, you’ll want to consider engaging prospective clients with attractive graphics, videos, and presentations. In today’s digital marketing landscape, visuals are fast becoming a preferred option for content consumption.

Here at Walker Advertising, we believe that firms are better served by focusing on what they do best: practicing law. To that end, we operate multiple sub-brands through which we generate targeted leads for different areas of law: motor vehicle accident claims, workers’ compensation claims, employment-related disputes, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can acquire leads through our service. We look forward to speaking with you.

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